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REALLY like your art style and the UI!!!!!!

Thanks :)

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Hey this looked like a fun and silly game so I played it and recorded it for my channel! It was more difficult than I imagined but that is what made it fun for me! One thing I noticed is that spamming spike traps everywhere seemed a bit over powered. Anyways here's my video! 

(P.S. glad the corn has at least some what of an answer to trap spam)

Thanks for playing & sharing the game! I see even wave 1 on hard mode surprised you ;) Spamming traps can be OP, but as you mentioned the corn is there to help try balance that down.

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Definitely XD my approach to learning is to fail miserably to learn  exactly what not to do haha

my game keeps on freezing after it gets to 100%...

sorry to hear that, try restarting & load a level but don't touch any keys. If this issue is still persisting, P.M me and i'll try help out some more!

I wasn't able to load the main menu, it still stopped at 100% loading with music playing

Hmm, I've never seen this issue before, sorry to see it happening. If the issue is still persisting, contact me via & i'll try help you out with more in-depth steps to take.

Do you have a twitter?

Nope, but we do have a website:

okay. The reson I asked was I plan to stream your game probably Thursday. Also I do highly recommend to get a twitter but that's just me.

Oh awesome, i'll be sure to tune in!

this game looks pretty good gonna post a gameplay of this tommorrow on my channel

Thanks ! pop a link in the reply, i enjoy seeing people get owned on hard-mode ;)

had to get used to the mechanics but here it is

I remember something similar to this as a minigame in one of those club-penguin-esk hangout games

Not to sure about club-penguin, never played it :( however we were inspired by games like Orcs Must die & Fortnite PvE.

Awesome start here! The tower defense aspects are pretty cool, though I couldn't figure tow of them out, and the third person shooter works well too! There did seem to be some minor issues with enemies jumping barriers and there being no system in place to prevent a full blockade, but I enjoyed what's here so far!

Thanks :) The a.i should destroy barricades if you block of the path entirely, but can bug out some times :(

The angry corn sure did a fantastic job of that.

it looks good, may i reshare the trailer????

Thanks ! of-course you can share the trailer :)

Shared :)